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What Do We Stand For?

This book is an important resource in understanding the ideological, philosophical, and spiritual dimensions of the war against Islamic jihadism.
          Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Vice President & Professor of Strategy and Irregular Warfare at Institute of World Politics and author of Defeating Jihad

We know that there are violent people in the world that intend western civilization great harm. In fact, war was overtly declared on America on September 11, 2001 by Islamic radicals who flew airplanes into our buildings. Our military and law enforcement establishments have been engaged in this conflict at home and abroad ever since. These efforts to fight violence are vital and necessary, but in themselves are inadequate to counter the kind of threat our nation is now facing.

Although violence is the outward face of this enemy, the long term threat to America is one of hidden subversion. There are Islamic radicals in America now with an ideological agenda opposed to our way of life. More are being trained and are arriving daily in our midst. We have to be prepared to fight the violence that we know is coming. However, there are also ideological, philosophical, even spiritual dimensions to the conflict that have to be acknowledged and where the battle must also be fought.

In his latest book, Larkin Spivey poses the question that every American citizen must answer: What Do We Stand For? Every American must answer this question and consider for him or herself what there is about our nation worthy of support and even devotion. Clear and strong answers will be the only counter to the challenges that lie ahead to the system of government and way of life that we cherish.