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Miracles of the AmericanRevolution

This new edition of Miracles of the American Revolution was released in 2010 with the addition of photographs and updated material. This popular book continues to give readers a concise and factual history of America's founding, with major sections devoted to The Ideas, The Men, The Battles, and The Miracles of the war that shaped America's history at the very beginning.

The book is not lengthy but is comprehensive in its coverage of the key Founding Fathers and important military campaigns of the war. Suitable for adult and young readers alike, it is an easy-to-read overview of the American Revolution for anyone.

One of the author’s objectives is to reveal the source of America's greatness in the men and events that contributed to the birth of the Republic. Amazing incidents and turning points in the military struggle are highlighted. Another aim is to explain how important God was to the Founding Fathers themselves. With sketches of the religious lives of the key Founders and details of the constitutional process the book explains the critical significance of religious freedom and the place of divine authority in the new government, an important message today as we see God's presence in the Pledge of Allegiance, currency, and culture being questioned.

Since he was a religious skeptic himself for most of his life, Spivey writes with skeptics in mind, always assuming that readers have different beliefs. He presents documented historical evidence and his own interpretations, and invites readers to reach their own conclusions. Whatever one believes, the founding of America is a remarkable and amazing story.

Gold Medal Winner- Military Writers Society of America